Release: Colored split data and beautiful analysis

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Happy Monday! We are excited to announce an upcoming update to the Sportwatch app, which adds colored split data to the Team page! Currently, splits can be recorded and saved, but there is no way to view that data on the app. The update (which we plan to push later this week) represents this data in a colorful way. Check out some screenshots below!

Colored Split Updates

A screenshot of the new split display in the team page, featuring color-coded table rows that correspond to the graph trendlines.

The most significant and noticeable change in the upcoming update can be found in the Team page. Specifically, when viewing an athlete’s statistics for a given event, their split times will now be displayed in both the graph and the table. The split breakdown is listed below the total time of the record.

Along with the addition of split data comes the ability to edit those times. In addition to editing or deleting regular event times, you can now edit or delete split times for an individual event.

While working on the split functionality, we also streamlined the setup process for recording splits. The buttons and steps are now more clear and concise, making it easier to start saving splits for athletes.

Split setup is now easier than ever! Just add the length of each split in meters and click “Confirm Splits” when you’re ready to start tracking!

With these additions, Sportwatch brings more color and beauty to the team’s data, making it interesting and exciting to analyze!

Despite these changes, we have further work to complete before splits are fully implemented. For example, split data is not yet displayed in the Stats page. Additionally, our team would like to add split presets to make setup even faster and easier!

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

In the upcoming update, we also fixed a number of bugs, which should enhance performance and usability of the app. Notable fixes include:

  • Fixed date formatting inconsistencies between server and local times
  • Fixed type mismatch when syncing data from the server
  • Updated local app data types to match with new split changes
  • Polished app store screenshots and standardized display

Looking Ahead

Our team is excited to bring you the colored split data view in the team page, and we can’t wait to see its effects in your team! Ready to check out these changes? Download the Sportwatch app for free today!

We will continue to refine the app’s existing features and add new capabilities to better suit coaches and athletes. If you have any feature requests or would like to report a bug, please contact us.

Thanks, and race on!

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