Getting Started

Setting up Sportwatch simply.

Download the App

Sportwatch is available for both iOS and Android.

Create an Account

Before using Sportwatch, you must create an account on the app. Fill out a name, and create a strong password.

Create a Team

Go to the team page and click on “Create Team” in order to get started. Give it a name, and select what school you’re from.


The team page lets you see who is all on your team, and allows you to view results for each athlete.


Image with create team and join team buttons

Invite Athletes

Have your athletes download Sportwatch and join your team. Have them go to the team page and enter the team code. It can be found by clicking the “Invite Athletes” button on the team page.


Athletes may also be invited via email in the Settings page found under Team Preferences.

Invite team popup with underlined invite code

Use the Stopwatch

Go to the stopwatch page, and click on the red up arrow. From there you can select boys, girls, or both.


Tap the clock to start the race.


Then click on your athlete’s name as they cross the finish line to record a time for them.

Run Multiple Events

Say you like to have your athletes run different distances at once, for instance, a two and three mile run.


By holding down on an event, you are able to select multiple events at once, allowing you to choose which one to save for once the clock is running.

View Results

Go to the stats page and click on an event.


Here you can see all of the results you’ve ever saved for that particular event! Sort by name, date, and see how much your athletes have improved!

See Progress

Go to the team page and click on the athlete you would like to view the results for. Select an event to see their progress!


From this page you can add custom times or delete unwanted ones!


We hope this short guide has explained how to use Sportwatch effectively. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. The power of our stopwatch is at your fingertips now! No more messy papers, missing pens, or clumsy clipboard. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.