Superior Stopwatch for Coaches

Stopwatch & Roster Unification

Many coaches are still using pencil, paper, and a stopwatch to time their team’s workouts. These independent components add tedium and barriers to data capture and analysis during practice. But as they say, “Out with the old and in with the new.”

The future is Sportwatch, which integrates the previously-separate components. With the stopwatch and team roster on a single screen, data collection is vastly streamlined.

Save times with a single tap of the athlete’s name. Their record is then instantly uploaded to our servers and accessible by the entire team for the rest of the season. Plus, this suite of tools can be held comfortably in one hand, making it both powerful and convenient.

Master Multitasking

Previously, managing multiple workouts or runs was a logistical nightmare for coaches. But specialization shouldn’t be sacrificed for convenience. With the Sportwatch app, coaches can design tailored practices and move away from the “one size fits all” workout model.

With the Multiple Events feature, coaches can select up to four different race distances to run simultaneously.

The event name is highlighted to make saving the correct workout time easier. Additionally, athletes are automatically hidden from other events, removing the possibility of saving two different events for the same athlete.

Seamlessly Save Splits

When manually timing athletes, recording splits often doubles or triples the workload for a coach. Such a task often doesn’t scale to larger teams, but Sportwatch makes it easy to record splits regardless of the team size.

Using the same interface and interaction techniques, coaches can seamlessly record splits for all their athletes at any distance they desire.

Functioning similar to a Multiple Event workout, splits are selected as athletes complete the respective milestone. The split distance is automatically removed and the next split is selected, making the process smooth and natural.

Streamlined for Sports

Change can be tricky, especially for coaches who are tasked with guiding a group of growing athletes toward improvement. But without change, complacency and stagnation take root. No one wants to stay idle while others excel.


With an integrated stopwatch, multiple workout tracking, and time split capabilities, Sportwatch enables coaches and athletes to grow. Designed by athletes for sports, Sportwatch can show teams where they’ve been, where they are now, and the potential that lies ahead. Start Tracking your Team today!